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Sally Hughes
General Election Candidate 2024 Perth & Kinross-shire

Welcome to my website where I hope to share my thoughts and visions for our beautiful country.


In an independent Scotland we can put the heating back on.

Of Independent Mind

My name is Sally Hughes, I’m an adult, human, female (or ‘woman’ as we used to say) I’ve had 50 years living and working in Perthshire.  Retired from the Police in 2020 after 25 years working the beat all over Tayside, and I have been a lifelong supporter of Scottish Independence.

They say this year - 2024 - will be a General Election Year, so I’m pinning my colours to the mast now.  I will be standing as an Independent for Independence candidate in the Perth and Kinross - shire Constituency.

There’s a growing theme today that things aren’t working the way they should, that society is broken and that Political Parties have lost their way, become disconnected from the voters, lost sight of their main reason for being.

Rather than grumble, I’ve decided to roll up my sleeves and walk the walk.

Scotland desperately needs Independence as a matter of survival.  Folks shivering in their homes, while the countries’ Gas, Oil, Electricity is exported out (6 times over and above our own needs) with no benefit to Scotland, is asset stripping.  Blatant, colonial, asset stripping.

My beautiful Scotland - is not a playground for the rich, a retirement home for the middle classes from wealthier parts of the UK, or a mineral deposit to be plundered by foreign industry.

This is my home, my country, my heart.  This is Scotland, and she’s going to be free.

So, the issue of Independence is going back, bang in the middle of the ballot paper in this constituency.

This website has been created for me to explain what I stand for and some of the ways I think Independence will improve Scotland.

Independence for Scotland is my number one goal, and I’ll be keeping all and any, legitimate methods of achieving it on the table.

I hope you enjoy the site and find it interesting.  I hope to meet you when I’m out and about during the campaign.

For Scotland.



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Sally Hughes - Independent, Promoted by Sally Hughes, GE Campaign P&K,

PO Box 7710, PERTH PH2 1LX.

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