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Useful Websites

Indy 1st is a pro Independence site providing assistance for Independent Independence candidates looking to stand, or campaign for Independent Scotland outwith Political Party Support.
They’ve a great help to me. Support them if you can.

Scot Goes Pop – provides detailed number crunching on the opinion polls on all things to do with Scottish Indy. Very interesting particularly for non-number crunchers like myself.

Barrheadboy/Through A Scottish Prism – weekly comments and Scottish Current Affairs blog on Indy. A wealth of experience and an all-round good guy.

Yours For Scotland – Iain Lawson’s blog site has been a tremendous support to me and other Indy campaigners, starting up his blog and publishing us beginners in the fairest way possible. Diverse articles, true grass roots.

Wings Over Scotland – the original and still the best. I believe Rev Stu Campbell is one of the best investigative reporters in the UK at the moment. An attention to detail and facts that is second to none. Lang may his lum reek.

Useful Documents

This document shows electricity production and use throughout the UK over 5 years ending in 2019 and is highly informative.

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