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Sally Hughes

Welcome to my website where I hope to share my thoughts and visions for our beautiful country.

In an independent Scotland we can put the heating back on.



Sally Hughes

Independent for Independence GE Candidate

Perth and Kinross-shire


I was blessed, when I was growing up, with a very strong body.  Fit as a fiddle.  In no small part I suspect due to having received the usual quota of vaccines as a child.  Measles, Polio, TB, etc.

Things went awry in my 30’s and 40’s, when a combination of night shift working, extremely low levels of Vitamin D and a rather nasty bout of Flu left me bed ridden for almost 6 months, with lingering Post Viral Fatigue (Chronic Fatigue) thereafter.

I’m lucky, Vitamin D supplements improved things by a good 50%, and some other treatments have assisted greatly.

It’s fair to say, such improvements did not originate from my GP Service.

As one gets experienced in the working environment, you get to see behind the curtain with regards how corporate bodies and institutions operate…. And some of the cases that fall through the cracks… or never get through the door.

Important then, not to waste time or energy blaming the individuals at the coal face, doing their best, with less-than-ideal managerial leadership/policy making at the top. Equally important also, not to give up and accept that as the only answer, to continue to strive for better.

My personal health circumstances however, meant that I viewed the prospect of Flu vaccines and later Covid Vaccines with extreme caution, as I knew my body was unlikely to react well to them.  People know their own bodies very well – something the medical profession could do well to acknowledge.

My last year in the Police was during the first Covid lockdown, and no vaccine had been invented then.

After I retired, I took the first 2 vaccines for the benefit of my elderly father.  This was in spite of my reservations.

6 weeks of flu like symptoms, extreme fatigue and ice-cold hands and feet decided me against any further.  And I was very relieved that as a retired cop, there was no pressure on me by any employer to ‘force’ me to take another.

Such was the peer pressure brought to bear.  Absurd now, to think of it.  The only benefit a vaccine offers (if it’s a competent one) is to the person who takes it.  No-one else.  The medical equivalent of stab proof vests, one size does not cover all.

Like everyone though, I can rattle off the names of 5 – 10 people in my community who have died suddenly, unexpectedly in the last few years, and not due to Covid itself.

Young, Middle Aged, Fit, Strong, Healthy.  Dead.

Most every one of them would have been a front-page story in the local paper 5 years ago.  Due to the unexpectedness of it.  Not now.

I asked myself, is it me, am I imagining this? 

So, I’ve spoken to those in the funeral trade, to colleagues still serving in the Police.  No.  Real, all too real.

So, what is the evidence, and what should we do? Below is footage from the House of Commons and Andrew Bridgen MP.  Alba MP Neale Hanvey is present also.  Hardly anyone else.

Andrew lays out much of the evidential concerns.  Please watch it.

My view is this. 

Vaccines have played a vital role in the health of my generation in particular throughout the world. 

But they must be safe.  Demonstrably safe. 

These safety measures were lowered for Covid, in order to fast track a vaccine through.  That may well have been an appropriate measure for that moment in time.

The problem now, is the Safety Protocol has never been re-instated, in spite of the risks of Covid now being much better understood.

You are more likely to be hospitalised now due to serious adverse reaction to Covid Vaccine

(1 in 800), than from Covid itself.

This is seriously bad. 

We must stop the bullying, rallying cry of, ‘anti vaxxers’ to anyone who is raising concerns about this.

We must put the adults back in the room, collate accurate hard data from around the world, keep the businesses with vested interests away from the adjudicating bodies and carry out an immediate assessment of what worked effectively during Covid, and what failed.

We must also acknowledge brave when we see it.  Andrew Brigden MP is a man of principle.  They do exist.... across all party lines.




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