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Sally Hughes

Welcome to my website where I hope to share my thoughts and visions for our beautiful country.

In an independent Scotland we can put the heating back on.


Updated: Apr 14


So, Sally, why should anyone vote for you?  A woman in her 50’s who should probably know better.  Why?

If you’re asking that, you are not alone…. I’m asking myself that too…. And I really do know better.  So why?

Because (the rules say, never start a sentence with ‘because’).  BECAUSE!... Everything is broken.  Nothing is working the way it should, the way it can, the way it always has.  And (the rules say, never start a sentence with ‘and’).   AND! without putting on a tin foil hat, I think it is fair and reasoned to say, if it’s not deliberate, or co-ordinated, it is at the very least interconnected.

Allow me to explain: they withdraw the buses, early morning, busy run, goes to the main Hospital… knock on effect, hospital staff now have to take their cars to work…. Knock on effect, patients can’t get parked and are late and/or stressed for appointments…. Knock on effect some appointments have to be re-scheduled…. Knock on effect, staff are playing catch up all day, and expending more energy to calm down stressed-out patients…. Knock on effect staff are run ragged and get ill more often… knock on effect staff shortages…. Knock on effect…. waiting lists increase.

How does that poem go, for want of a nail?  For want of a bus?

But let’s continue…. Knock on effect… cries of the SNHS is unaffordable… privatise it to make it more efficient (don’t you dare, by the way)… knock on effect… public assets move into the pockets of private companies who register their HQ’s in tax havens… knock on effect… even less services, even less tax raised.

Just one example of ‘everything’s broken’.

Here’s another:  Party Politics… none of them do what they say on the tin.  None.

The Conservatives have trashed the economy with Brexit… they are supposed to be pro-business.  Look around, the High Streets, the Industrial Estates – businesses closing all around.  They are supposed to be against Immigration, or for controlled immigration!  Perth now has 2 hotels full of refugees, since Brexit.

For clarity, and to prevent this discourse veering off into racist territory.  Refugees require public services, public services require tax revenue, tax revenue is put under extreme stress during times of recession when business are closing left right and centre, hence public service cut backs.  And around it goes.


The Labour Party…. More right wing than Thatcher.  Anti-workers’ rights, anti-women’s rights, pro war, pro-nuclear submarines on the Clyde.  Pro getting their pseudo socialist backsides on the seats in the House of Lords.  Socialist my eye.

The Lib Dems, pro Europe…. Until they weren’t, pro decent…. Until the big pharma/puberty blockers give them large donations.

The Scottish National Party – how many Mandates did they get? how many seats in the House of Commons, how many wasted opportunities.  The Sometime Never Party.

Well, you get my drift.

I’m Independent because as such, I can say and do the things members within a Political Party either can’t or won’t and my goodness there’s a lot to say and do.

It probably has to be someone like me that does it, because I have the time, as a retired Police Officer to do so, because this is my home, my country and for much of my professional life, my beat.

It’s probably better if it’s someone in my situation, because my mortgage is paid.  They can’t lean on me the way they would with a youngster with large debt on their shoulders.

It’s probably good if it’s me because 25 years of Policing puts you into situations that are as wide ranging and unique as they were dynamic and challenging.  You don’t get that out of a book.

And it’s going to be me because I’ve had enough, and I’m not going to moan about it.  I’m going to roll my sleeves up and fight.


Grangemouth Refinery runs at 100% capacity, turned over £107 Million profit last year, is responsible for the fuelling of 70% of Scotland’s vehicles, much of the North of England and Northern Irelands.  Produces ALL of Scotland’s Aviation fuel, including the military airfields and Perth Airport. 

This work is being re-allocated to the refineries in England.  And so, go the jobs, down south, and so goes the wealth, down south, and so goes Scotland’s oil and gas, down south.

In 18 months, when Grangemouth closes, every bag of groceries in Scotland, every journey to work, every item of produce will cost you more, due to transport costs.

That’s bad enough, but Freeports and SEZ (Special Economic Zones – of which 18 are destined for Scotland) are already in the pipeline.  These are unbelievably bad.  I will write up a separate account on them shortly.

It has to be now folks.  Scotland’s survival depends upon it.


The Government in Westminster behaves like a rogue state, illegally proroguing parliament, partying during lockdown, £100’s Billions lost in fake PPE to those in Government, and not a prosecution or jailing in sight, never mind recovery of moneys.

It’s so blatantly bad now, it makes Thatcher’s government look positively conscientious.  Something I never thought I would ever say.

In 2014 they promised us Devo Max.  Instead, we got Brexit, food costs near doubled, heating bills through the roof as the utility companies post record profits.

My beautiful Scotland is a Powerhouse of Energy Production, made the poorhouse of Britain to ‘keep us in our place’. 

I say enough.  We must get Independence and we must do so now.


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